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Getting started programming Large Language Models

Takeoff School Latin Edition is a forward-thinking code school based on a video course released by Mckay Wrigley designed to guide individuals in constructing state-of-the-art AI software using the latest advancements in AI.

What sets this edition apart is that all examples are rewritten in classical Latin, enabling you to learn to program large language models while receiving output in this ancient language.

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Watch the companion video describing the project in detail at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6c_XsyaNSQ

This session in this installment of LangChain 101, we're delving into the principal modules of LangChain.

Our focus for today is on 'models'.

LangChain is a library for creating applications that harness the power of language models.

It equips us with useful classes, streamlining our interaction with these models.

LangChain allows connectivity to a myriad of models, but in this session, our choice will be OpenAI.

Prerequisites Although this course is designed to be approachable for beginners, a fundamental understanding of Python could be beneficial.

We suggest two resources:

Replit's 100 days of Python Takeoff School's "Your 1st AI App" Course While neither is mandatory, both can be advantageous!

Tips Leverage ChatGPT! Encountering obstacles? Consider seeking assistance from ChatGPT!

This innovative approach to learning can be transformative. Don't hesitate to use it.

Pose queries, submit bugs, request clarifications, and so forth.

As you progress in your coding journey, ChatGPT will evolve into an invaluable companion.