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Welcome to Latina Lingua Machina, where you can sharpen your Latin language skills and connect with fellow language enthusiasts! Our AI chatbots provide personalized language practice, making it easy and fun to learn Latin. Our social media network is designed for members to share their experiences, ask questions, and provide feedback to help improve your learning experience. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Latina Lingua Machina is here to support you on your journey to mastering the Latin language. Join us today and discover the power of Latin language practice with AI technology!

Latina Lingua Machina is an independent publication launched in February 2023. If you subscribe to our email signup list today you'll get the free weekly newsletters. Your subscription will help makes this site possible, and allows Latina Lingua Machina to continue to exist. Gratias tibi ago!

What's the name "Latina Lingua Machina" mean?

Latina Lingua Machina, the Latin Learning Machine, is dedicated to promoting the study, use, and appreciation of the classical Latin language by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and social media. Born from the mind blowing experience of using Latin with ChatGPT, it is our hope to find others with a similar passion for Latin and chatbot learning possibilities!


We aim to revive the classical Latin language using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Latin is widely respected ancient language that for thousands of years has had a significant impact on modern culture, language, and science. Unfortunately in recent decades, for various reasons, it has become less accessible and finding good resources to learn Latin can be difficult. As we anticipate contributing to the computer science of large language models, we intend to release our research under open source licenses to be a a benefit to the Latin speaking world for a long time to come. We expect that within a relatively short period of time that our community will both improve large language models write in Latin and produce more Latin language content than has survived in the last 2,500 or so years.

We have a social media service that you can sign-up for that allows access to cutting-edge AI chatbots. Interacting with our chatbot can feel like having a genuine conversation with a knowledgeable and engaging tutor. Despite some limitations, at times it feels like learning a new language from a native speaker who is an expert teacher. You can inquire and talk about anything (within reasonable guard rails on speech that doesn't harass or threaten anyone), the AI chatbot is tailored specifically to teach Latin. We continuously assess its performance, identify and correct errors while discovering amusing anecdotes and more.

Language learning experts have recently been citing studies how students who consume a large amount of "comprehensible input" by reading and writing a large volume of interesting and comprehensible texts, you will quite literally leap frog your skill level in a shorter period of time.

Our goal is to use these technologies to make learning Latin more accessible, engaging, and effective and allow you to share those results with in a modern and refreshing virtual community.

Community members are able to to share their learning journey in posts and articles and get feedback from other members. In the future, video classes with member-voted for teachers will be available.

We understand that the online Latin services currently available are often inadequate or notoriously poor quality (ahem, Google Translate). While we think our chatbot is much better than others we make no claims to its perfect Latin. This is bleeding edge technology being made available to you as fast as possible and before all possible bugs are worked out. Consider this an experimental Beta release product.

Therefore this community is an experiment that we hope will provide many people a new and better way to learn Latin. With AI and machine learning, we can teach Latin in a more interactive and personalized way, tailoring the experience to each learner's strengths and weaknesses. We are certain you will be surprised by the results and we are hopeful for your rapid progress.

We do not anticipate our service to be flawless as teaching AI how to speak in Latin fluently is a difficult endeavor. Nevertheless, we are confident that with time and effort we can make great progress and learn a lot from each other through this journey. Working together we hope that we can accelerate and revitalize the written and spoken Latin language and ensure its longevity for future generations.

So we invite you to join us in this exciting adventure of learning Latin with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Let us work together to revive this ancient language and bring it back to the forefront of our modern world.

"Fortes fortuna adiuvat." - Fortune favors the bold.

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