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20 example sentences using the verb "intuēor" in all persons

  1. Intuēor tē, et mihi placet quod videō. (I am looking at you, and I like what I see.)
  2. Intuerisne illam formam pulchram? (Are you looking at that beautiful figure?)
  3. Intuetur ad caelum et admirātur pulchritūdinem eius. (He is looking at the sky and admiring its beauty.)
  4. Intuēmur mare et sentīmus tranquillitātem. (We are looking at the sea and feeling its tranquility.)
  5. Intuemini hoc monumentum magnificum! (You all are looking at this magnificent monument!)
  6. Intuentur ferae et fugiunt timōre. (They are looking at the wild animals and running away in fear.)
  7. Nōn intueor tē cum īrā sed cum cāritāte. (I am not looking at you with anger but with love.)
  8. Intuerisne hōc pictūram? (Are you looking at this picture?)
  9. Intuetur ad fenestram et videt pluviam cadere. (He is looking at the window and seeing the rain fall.)
  10. Intuēmur hanc terram et sentīmus gratiam nostram. (We are looking at this land and feeling our gratitude.)
  11. Intuemini hanc magnam aedificium! (You all are looking at this great building!)
  12. Intuentur perīculum et evadunt difficulter. (They are looking at the danger and escaping with difficulty.)
  13. Intueor herbas et odor illōrum suāvitātem dabit. (I am looking at the herbs, and their scent will give sweetness.)
  14. Intuerisne hōc flūmen? (Are you looking at this river?)
  15. Intuetur ad horologium et videt quod hōra est. (He is looking at the clock and seeing what time it is.)
  16. Intuēmur caelum nocte et vidēmus stellās. (We are looking at the sky at night and seeing the stars.)
  17. Intuemini hoc opus artificis mirābile! (You all are looking at this wonderful work of the artist!)
  18. Intuentur lūnam et mirantur eius splendōrem. (They are looking at the moon and marveling at its brightness.)
  19. Intueor ad veritātem et nōn mentiar. (I am looking at the truth and will not lie.)
  20. Intuerisne hanc civitātem? (Are you looking at this city?)