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10 examples of using the Latin word flecte while traveling outdoors

  1. Flecte ad sinistram et sequere flumen. (Turn left and follow the river.)
  2. Flecte dexteram ad proximum oppidum. (Turn right towards the nearest town.)
  3. Flecte cursum ad montem. (Curve your course towards the mountain.)
  4. Flecte ad occidentem et invenies via exitum. (Turn west and you'll find a way out.)
  5. Flecte ad boream et sequere viam publicam. (Turn north and follow the public road.)
  6. Flecte in viam transversam et post duos muros erit domus. (Turn into the crossroad and after two walls, there will be a house.)
  7. Flecte in viam arboribus tectam et ibi est flumen. (Turn into the tree-covered road and there is a river there.)
  8. Flecte in viam calcaream et post centum passus est pons. (Turn into the gravel road and after one hundred paces, there is a bridge.)
  9. Flecte ad meridiem et ibi est campus. (Turn south and there is a field there.)
  10. Flecte in viam pratumque transeas. (Turn into the road and cross the meadow.)

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