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10 examples of expressing enthusiasm in Latin

  1. Laetitia mea magna est! (My joy is great!)
  2. Ad rem incendimur! (We are fired up about the matter!)
  3. Exulto de hoc! (I am thrilled about this!)
  4. Studiose cupio id facere! (I am eagerly desiring to do it!)
  5. Optime! (Excellent!)
  6. Ad hoc māximē avidē ferimur! (We are very eagerly looking forward to this!)
  7. Feliciter! (Happily!)
  8. Mea anima in hoc est! (My soul is in this!)
  9. Sumus excitātī māximē! (We are very excited!)
  10. Haec rēs mihi cordī est! (This matter is dear to my heart!)